Furnishing Tips Compilation

Finding the Right Furnishing for you

Alright, maybe this one’s a bit ornate….

Off the heels of my previous post, I wanted to put together another interior furnishing post–but this time, something more general. If you wanted to make some changes, but not exactly of the ruggy variety, there wasn’t much in the previous post to help you. For this one, I did a tiny bit of research to find some good lists and articles about general home and interior decorating. Below, you’ll see a nice short-list of links to sites that I think could be helpful if you’re starting to plan any renovations or redesigns.

Hopefully you’ll come across an idea that really piques your interest. That being said, I guess my primary advice when you’re planning out your special dream living room would just be to take it easy. It can be easy to get really engrossed in the minutia when you catch the redecorating bug, but at the end of the day, don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s just a room. The world isn’t over if you accidentally bought “Calm Tint” blue wall paint when you meant to buy “Dancing in the Rain”. In the end, you’ll figure it out. I mean, you’re looking for some new furnishing–not exactly high-stakes here.