Memorable Awards and Keepsakes

Memorable awards with Recognition Source: Buy trophies online
A brief glimpse of Recognition Source’s shopping menu

This post is going to be a little bit different from the other ones, folks. At work, we recently held something like an employee-of-the-month celebration, except a handful of employees were recognized for one reason or another (I got one too, in case you were wondering!) It wasn’t anything too special, but the memorable awards were basically these simple plaques with a few lines inscribed on it. Now, for the heck of it, I was curious where someone even bought things like this; custom awards made at a small enough scale to be good for small businesses. I took to the web, and while I couldn’t find the original source of my award, I came across a Recognition Source, a company where you can buy trophies online.

They have an interesting site in that, despite having so many different options for products or awards, the interface and design are actually quite clean and straightforward. It’s a good use of branding to give off a particular idea about their products.

The site reflects the brand and the product: smooth clean lines act out in sharp relief from the background. The little things in design go a long way in improving a user’s experience in the search for some memorable awards.

Obviously, it helps that the awards themselves are often very sleek-looking. You can get an idea of what I mean from the image above this text. The award designs themselves are very strong, and in a wide variety; they have everything from imposing business-level awards to simpler little-league style sports trophies.

Anyway, I think that’s about all I have for now. Before I go, here’s an interesting little video that might help you avoid some common pitfalls if you’re interested in making a website for your own website.

Ceiling Tips to Check Out

Renovate your Boring Ceiling!

traditional-entryFor this post, I’m bringing this blog┬áback to interior design. We covered things in the realm of rugs and furnishing already, but this time I wanted to aim a little higher–literally. Typically, ceilings aren’t the highest priority when designing a space. However, they’re still important enough to warrant critical thinking, especially if you’re renovating anyway. If you’re interested in chandeliers or similar lighting fixtures, then you could actually find them at Rug and Home, the company I mentioned in this earlier post. I bring up ceiling design because there’s a surprising amount of variety and types of ceilings beyond a┬átypical flat surface.

Check out this article about different types of ceilings that I found. While some are probably too ornate or impractical in any old home, there are plenty of ideas to pull from. Having options like this can be pretty eye-opening. For (relatively) little effort, you can vastly change the atmosphere of just about any room.

There are plenty of ways to install a new ceiling style or change the one you already have. Of course, a common, and perhaps easier, route to go is to simply hire someone to do it for you. However, there’s a good chance that this’ll be more expensive than doing it yourself. Now, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way you could do such an undertaking yourself. You may be right, I don’t know your life. Still, if you’re looking to adventure a little, and get some DIY’er street cred, you could actually buy the wood and materials yourself and build something from there. So you don’t go in blind, you could actually customize and order a kit specifically for your ceiling with a company called Archways and Ceilings. I mean, you’re more than welcome to wing it, but getting a kit from a company like Archways is probably a safer bet. They’ll cut the wood for you, and provide all the instructions you need to put together your custom ceiling. Ultimately, if you’re not sure what you can do to improve a living space, consider changing the space itself by modifying the ceiling.